Segway PT x2 Model

Segway i2            Segway i2 Sage Green

Black & Silver

i2 specifications

Segway PT x2 Base Model - $7,900

x2 for Individuals:

What kind of terrain do you want to challenge yourself on?  The x2 gives you flexibility, rugged design and unparalleled quality.  Easily traverse a variety of terrains:  a grassy field, a sandy beach or go off roading on your favorite trail.  The “chunky” tires give you more ground clearance with unbeatable traction to give you a smooth, stable ride on wherever you path may take you.





Segway PT x2 Adventure Model

Segway PT I2 Commuter Handlebar bag accessory Handlebar back accessory   Comfort Mat accessory        Tail Light accessory

Handlebar Bag Universal Plates Accessory Bar

Locking kit accessory                           Tooless Release accessory

Crome Head LightTooless Release

i2 specifications

Segway PT x2 Adventure Model

x2 Adventure:

Go boldly where you would have not gone before.  Choose this specially equipped x2 for your outdoor adventures. Featuring a Handlebar Bag for your water, tools and supplies with universal cargo plates, headlight, accessory bar (just right for mounting your GPS!) and a tool–less release to allow quick disassembly for ease of transport to your adventure site -it has everything you need for your excursion.