Ninebot Miniflight Model

Ninebot Elite - $3,995

The Ninebot Mini-Flight is a great, cost effective alternative to a Segway i2 as it is designed predominantly for city commuting. And being less expensive is not the only improvement that the Mini-Flight offers; the Mini-Flight is considerably lighter than a Segway and easier to remove the steering column making it super easy to pack up and take with you anywhere, you can even fly with it with fewer hassles. While new Segways only come in a very boring black the Mini-Flight can be purchased in black or white and different colour accent packages can be purchased to personalize it. Do you have a Bluetooth enabled smart phone? Then you can pair your Ninebot with your phone using the Ninedroid app and control all of the different settings with ease, you can even control it like a robot! When you buy your Ninebot Mini-Flight from us you’re not only buying the machine but also ongoing support and training, along with the one year manufacturers warranty, to make your experience with our product as fun and enjoyable as possible. All of these amazing features make the Ninebot Mini-Flight a great option for your city commuting needs.