Ninebot One


Ninebot One E+ Model- $1,345

The Ninebot One is a great feat of engineering, it’s a Segway with just one wheel!! The Ninebot One is a lot of fun to ride around but also a great commuting tool. Breeze down the sidewalks to your place of work, step off and easily carry it inside with you, it only takes up as much space as a large briefcase! You can order different colour shells to personalize your Ninebot One, and like the Ninebot Mini-Flight you can pair it with your smart phone using the Ninedroid app, in the app you get real time information on your One and you can personalize the light settings and light up the night. There are two models available for purchase, the E+ and C+, the E+ is equipped with larger more powerful batteries so you can go faster and farther on a charge. When you buy your Ninebot One from us you’re not only buying the machine but also ongoing support and training, along with the one year manufacturers warranty, to make your experience with our product as fun and enjoyable as possible. You’ll never have been so excited to go to work!

Colors Available: